Diabetes in our communities

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Aston University and the medical team at Heartlands Hospital, in Birmingham, are holding a joint event to help patients, their families, friends and carers to learn more about the risk factors for diabetes. The aim is to reduce the burden of diabetes in our communities.

The free event will be held at MIDRU Building in Heartlands Hospital on Tuesday 29th November from 5-7pm.

The event will offer the chance to work out your own risk of getting diabetes in the next ten years. There will be an opportunity to measure your body fat and learn how you can help reduces your chances of getting diabetes. Professor Cliff Bailey, from Aston University, will be giving a short talk about the risk factors for diabetes.

In addition, the medical team at Heartlands Hospital will present their ideas for a study where friends and families will work together to reduce their risk of getting diabetes. The team is particularly keen to hear the opinions and viewpoints of patients, families and carers.

Dr Nichola Seare, Director of the Aston Health Research and Innovation Cluster and Professor Helen Pattison have taken a lead role in the organisation of the event.

If you would like you attend please contact Hannah Batchelor, Research and Development, Heart Of England NHS Foundation Trust on 0121 424 2896 or 07500 029102 or by email at Hannah.batchelor@heartofengland.nhs.uk