Aston Inaugural - Professor Jonathan Tritter

From citizen to customer: Governance and accountability challenges in the marketisation of the public sector 

Jonathan Tritter
Professor Jonathan Tritter

Inaugural Lecture by Professor Jonathan Tritter, from the School of Languages and Social Sciences.

Date: Thursday 4th December 2014

Time: 6.30pm start with tea and coffee from 6.00pm. 

A complimentary buffet will follow the lecture.

Venue: Sumpner Lecture Theatre, 6th Floor, Main Building, Aston University, Birmingham, B4 7ET (Just a short walk from Birmingham City Centre)

About the lecture 

Across the developed world, governments claim to want the public to have a greater say in how public services are delivered. But this is often reduced to individual citizens choosing services provided by the public sector directly or on their behalf by multinational corporations and charities. Reframing citizens as individual customers gives the public less voice and less of an opportunity to influence government and hold the public sector to account. 

What can we do about this? Well, we could all get more involved in shaping the decisions about public services and policies made on our behalf rather than simply choosing. In this lecture, Professor Tritter will consider the pros and cons of public participation in this area, and how valuing public participation over shareholder interest may generate greater responsiveness, efficiency and bridge  “the governance gap”.

About the speaker

Jonathan is Professor of Sociology and Public Policy. His main research interests relate to public participation and lay experience in policy making and service development particularly in relation to health and environmental policy. He is involved in a range of international and national research and development work that focuses on the impact of patient and public involvement.

Reasons to attend 

  • Hear from a renowned speaker in Sociology and Public Policy;
  • Learn about the impact Aston’s research has on society – particularly on public policy in the area of health. Jonathan led the National NHS Centre for Involvement from 2006-2009 and is currently supporting the development of Public Health England’s public involvement strategy;
  • Network over a complimentary buffet with local business professionals and academics from the School of Languages and Social Sciences.

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