Aston Inaugural - Professor Tim Meese, 3rd December 2015

Gazing in at gazing out


Public lecture by Tim Meese,  Professor of Vision Science. 

Date: Thursday 3rd December  2015

Time: 6.30pm start with tea and coffee from 6.00pm. 

A free buffet will follow the lecture.

Venue: Sumpner Lecture Theatre, 6th Floor, Main Building, Aston University, Birmingham, B4 7ET (just a short walk from Birmingham City Centre).

About the lecture

Everyone knows what cosmologists do: they gaze out into the sky to see the secrets of what’s out there, matching observations with theory to understand how the universe came about. 

Visual psychophysicists are motivated by a similar sense of wonder; but the universe they want to understand lives inside the biological computer of the human brain. By using carefully designed visual stimuli in controlled laboratory environments, it turns out that this non-invasive research method can provide an incisive view of the visual mechanisms that lie within us, whether we are conscious of them or not!

This lecture will show how psychophysics has been used to see into the very early stages of the visual processing stream, where the ‘atoms’ of vision are very different from the rich visual experience that they deliver when we open our eyes, and where competing theories have been pitched against one another, helping us to understand how we see. 

About the speaker

Tim Meese is a Professor of Vision Science at Aston University's School of Life & Health Sciences. 


The Aston Inaugurals showcase and celebrate the research of the University’s recently appointed professors on a diverse range of topics.

Reasons to attend 

  • Hear from a renowned speaker in Vision Science
  • Learn about the impact Aston’s research has on society.
  • Network over a free buffet with local business professionals and academics from the area of Life and Health Sciences. 

For further information please contact Emma Tromans on 0121 204 4542 or email     

The lectures are open to the general public and there is no entry charge.