Eddie Izzard kicks off EU campaign at Aston

Eddie Izzard

25 May 2016

Eddie Izzard kicked off a campaign to visit 31 cities in 31 days in a bid to get young people to register for the referendum and vote to stay in Europe at Aston University this week (23 May).

The famous stand-up comedian and Hollywood actor walked around campus, encouraging Aston students to engage with and register to vote at the referendum and explaining his pro-remain stance.

He then gave a speech outlining the positive aspects of the European Union and took part in a Q&A in front of an audience of 200 students and staff.

Young people will be key to the result of the referendum - a recent poll by the National Union of Students found 76 per cent of students want to Remain with just 14 per cent back Leave. But Ipsos MORI found 18-24-year-olds were almost half as likely to vote as the over-65s, with just 44 per cent voting compared to 76 per cent.

Speaking at Aston, Eddie Izzard said: “We know the overwhelming majority of young people want to stay in Europe because of the opportunities it presents to work, to study and to travel. I share their positive view of Europe – I am a British European who has performed in German, French and Spanish.

“But if they are not registered, they can’t vote and those opportunities will be taken away without them getting to have their say. It only takes two minutes to register on a smartphone and it must be done by June 7th.

“I got chances from Europe that the generation before me never got – just imagine what benefits young people will get in the future. This could be the biggest decision of their lives and I want to help make sure they get their chance to have their say.”

Among the cities he will visit over the next four weeks are Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff, Manchester and Cambridge, appearing at universities, schools and other community events.


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