Aston 2nd in UK for boosting graduate earnings


11 August 2017

  • Aston graduates earned nearly £3,000 more than expected five years after graduation, according to new rankings by The Economist
  • Value added from an Aston degree higher than Oxbridge and all Russell Group universities
  • Analysis concludes: ‘It can be better to study what goes on in Portsmouth and Aston than in Oxford and Cambridge.’

Aston University does more to boost the earnings of its graduates than nearly every other university in the UK, according to a new study by The Economist.

The analysis, based on a comparison of actual and estimated earnings, found that Aston graduates earned on average £2,966 more than expected five years after graduation.

In its conclusion, the study called into question the true value of elite universities. It said: “… the analysis shows that it is not always the famous universities that make the biggest difference. Focusing too much attention on elite universities may be ill-advised if much of their success is attributable to the calibre of students they attract.

“It can be better to study what goes on in Portsmouth and Aston than in Oxford and Cambridge.”

The ranking compared the actual earnings of graduates with an estimate of what they were expected to earn. This estimate is based on several factors, including the subjects people study, their exam results at school, age, family income, whether they went to private or state school and where the university was located.

Professor Alec Cameron, Vice Chancellor of Aston University, said: “As the analysis itself notes, a university is as good as its students, and we have a unique ability to attract extremely talented students who might not always come from the most privileged background, but are willing to work hard to forge a lucrative and rewarding career for themselves.

“We have performed well in this ranking because of the work we do to prepare our students for a top career. Nearly 70% of our undergraduates carry out work placements as part of their degree programmes. We inform the content of our courses by consulting regularly with businesses to ensure our students learn the skills they’re looking for. That’s why four in five of our graduates will have a graduate-level job or move into further study within six months of graduation.

“This result gives substance to one of our key messages to young people as we enter clearing – Aston graduates earn more.”


Notes to the editor

  • Founded in 1895 and a University since 1966, Aston University has always been a force for change. For 50 years the University has been transforming lives through pioneering research, innovative teaching and graduate employability success. True to Aston’s Coat of Arms which bears the word ‘Forward’, in 2016 Aston held a year-long anniversary celebration to recognise its heritage and achievements, but with a focus to drive forward the next stage in the University’s exciting journey.


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