Aston signs research partnership with Bahrain

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11 May 2017

  • Aston signs agreement with Bahrain following Science Collaboration Symposium

Aston University has signed a research cooperation agreement with University of Bahrain for a joint study on linking desalinisation plants using reverse osmosis technology via renewable energy systems.

The partnership comes as a result of the Science Collaboration Symposium that was organised by the British Council in February and November 2016. The symposium discussed pressing issues on water, energy and food and was attended by researchers from Bahrain, the United Kingdom and Gulf countries.

The agreement also includes both Oxford and Aston universities jointly supervising University of Bahrain PhD in Engineering programme and organising a number of activities in the field over the next three years.

The symposium is one of many programmes that are implemented in the Bahrain under the umbrella of the Gulf Science Innovation and Knowledge Economy programme (GSIKE). The programme aims to further expand scientific research activities by creating opportunities for joint collaborations between universities and research institutions in Bahrain and the United Kingdom. It also seeks to promote joint research as well as exchange expertise and technology between the Gulf and the United Kingdom.

British Council Bahrain Director, Mr. Alan Rutt said: “We are very happy to see fruitful and strong partnerships being shaped as a result of our science innovation programmes. The British Council strives to build a sustainable platform for local researchers to connect with peers in the Gulf and the UK via the Gulf Science Innovation, and Knowledge Economy programme that we started implementing last year.

“University of Bahrain’s partnership with Oxford and Aston is a strong example of outcomes that are achieved as a result of researchers coming together to serve their communities and we wish them the best of luck taking this forward.”

University of Bahrain President, Prof. Riyad Hamzah praised the efforts of the British Council in Bahrain which organized the Science Collaboration Symposium in partnership with the University of Bahrain last November. The symposium was attended by more than 50 UK, Gulf, and local researchers and led to more than 10 collaborative research understandings with British and Gulf universities.

"The signing of these two partnerships is only the beginning of the road, and we look forward to further cooperation, coordination and exploring opportunities for joint research that will contribute to finding solutions to the challenges our societies face in terms of water, energy and food," he said.


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