Research and Knowledge Exchange

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Research and Knowledge Exchange at Aston supports all aspects of research grant applications and contract negotiation.

Research and Knowledge Exchange: Services for Researchers

  • Supporting the grant application process by facilitating and providing professional advice and support on identifying suitable funding streams, the application process and costings
  • Negotiating research-related contracts and agreement
  • Contributing to research strategy and policy at university and school level
  • Implementing and managing research management systems
  • Co-ordinating Aston's REF submissions
  • Providing a “service hub” of knowledge and expertise on research matters.


The Research and Knowledge Exchange, Aston Postgraduate Research Society and Human Resources department have put together a welcome handbook for research associates at Aston University, Birmingham. The aim of this handbook is to anticipate and answer any questions you may have when planning your move and moving to Birmingham. The handbook contains a range of useful information, including detail of accommodation in Birmingham, who to contact at Aston University for assistance on a range of topics, and information on entertainment and culture in Birmingham. We hope you find it useful.

Welcome handbook for incoming research associates at aston university (International) - This handbook gives you some useful tips and information that are essential when moving to a new country and settling in. It is always useful to know what you can expect and how things work in different countries so we hope this booklet answers most of your queries.


RKE is located in Room G52 in the Main Building.  We can be contacted as below:

Research and Knowledge Exchange
Room G52, Main Building
Aston University
Aston Triangle
Birmingham B4 7ET
Tel: 0121 204
Fax: 0121 204 4240

Aston's research in action

Aston's research in action

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