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We can help you identify and target funders, develop cost proposals and draft and negotiate contracts. To speak to one of the team, contact us on extension 4242 or 

Supporting the grant application process by facilitating and providing professional advice and support on identifying suitable funding streams, the application process and costings

Negotiating research-related contracts and agreement Contributing to research strategy and policy at university and school level Implementing and managing research management systems

Managing Aston's Research Excellence Framework submission

Providing a “service hub” of knowledge and expertise on research matters. 

Please see below to find out more about our people and how we can help you.

Head of Research and Knowledge Exchange:

Professor Simon Green, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research
PA:Julie Goodwin

Our function as a department is split into different strands. Please explore these by clicking on the options below.

Dr Angela Jeffery, Strategic Business Partner

  • Management of the Business Front Door – including Account Management, engagement in regional collaborations such as Midlands Innovation, West Midlands Combined Authority and Midlands Engine
  • IP management 
  • Life/health and medical science company related bids/ grant application

John Richards, Funding and Industry Partner

  • Responsible for the overall management of Funding and Industry projects via Strategic Funding Managers and the KTP team 
  • Supporting academic staff to develop and build relationships with industry, commerce, public services, business intermediaries to establish working partnerships
  • Assisting with the writing of successful applications, ensuring that they meet the objectives of the sponsor and other partners

Dr Karen Woodhall, Strategic Funding Manager (LHS & AMS)

  • Develop and implement University and school (LHS & AMS) research strategy
  • Provide support for the development and submission of research grant applications (horizon scanning; peer-review; training)
  • Strategic planning with individuals, research groups and centres to support research capacity building activity 

Dr Purbani Chakrabarti, Strategic Funding Manager (EAS)

  • Develop and implement University and school (EAS) research strategy
  • Provide support for the development and submission of research grant applications (horizon scanning; peer-review; training)
  • Strategic planning with individuals, research groups and centres to support research capacity building activity

Veronica Littlewood, Strategic Funding Manager (ABS and LSS)

  • Develop and implement University and school (ABS and LSS) research strategy
  • Provide support for the development and submission of research grant applications (horizon scanning; peer-review; training)
  • Strategic planning with individuals, research groups and centres to support research capacity building activity

Martin May, KTP Manager

  • Brokering opportunities for Aston University academics to collaborate with businesses on innovative projects
  • Management of KTP & KEEN projects from application to final report
  • Raising the profile and communicating benefits of KTP & KEEN to academics, companies and graduates 

Emily Wakefield, Industry Projects Manager

  • Working with academics and finding businesses to formulate funding applications for mainly KTP and KEEN projects 
  • Post award management of KTP and KEEN projects
  • Raising profile of Aston’s industrial research, particularly Innovate UK funded projects to range of audiences including Aston staff, businesses, graduates

Paul Knobbs, EU and Large Project Partner

  • Raising the awareness and understanding of EU Research and Teaching opportunities
  • Managing the development and submission of all proposals to EU funding opportunities
  • Assisting in the development of high quality proposals

Tim Miller,Government and Enterprise Engagement Manager

  • Development of high value strategic EAS initiatives with Government and Industry
  • Commercialisation and exploitation of EAS research and intellectual property
  • Developing impact for the results of EAS research

Emma Mason, Business Relationship Manager

  • Coordinating and developing Key Account Management
  • Facilitating a culture of sharing contacts across the University to give a joined up approach to partners
  •   Building relationships with external organisations and promoting the full range of Aston’s services

MagdaKosmopoulou, Business Development Manager

  • To proactively identify external partners and develop those contacts into partnerships for collaborative funding opportunities, with a focus on Life and Health related projects 
  • To assist academics on writing of funding applications.
  • To support enterprise activities including IP management
  • To be an Account Manager and contribute the Account Management activity process at Aston.

Zaheda Teladia,Business Development Manager 

  • To develop effective relationships with Industry, business intermediaries and external funders of research and enterprise.
  • To proactively identify external partners for projects and develop those contacts into partnerships for collaborative funding opportunities, with a focus on School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (EAS) and Aston Business School (ABS).
  • Support academic staff within EAS and ABS to develop and build working partnerships with business intermediaries and Industry.

 Luke Southan,Technology Transfer Manager 

  • Find and develop Translational Research at Aston University.
  • Build successful commercialisation pathways.
  • Manage day to day Intellectual Property matters.

  Keith Jones,Innovation Business Development Manager

Rebecca Stokes,Director of Research Strategy and Impact

  • Developing and implementing University research strategy and policy
  • Leading on University preparations for the Research Excellence Framework
  • Supporting a significant growth in our PhD population, working with the Graduate School

Gertrud Reershemius, Dean of Aston Graduate School

  • Leading the development of Aston Graduate School
  • Maintaining the quality of research degree programmes through Graduate School Management Committee
  • Engaging with research students through Aston Postgraduate Research Student (APRS) Society

Larry Atwood, REF Impact Manager

  • Supporting the development of impact case studies for REF2021 (and beyond)
  • Collaborating with professional services and academics to facilitate translational activities
  • Integrating impact into research staff training and professional development

Jeanette Lilley, Professional Development Advisor (Research)

  • Providing generic skills training and guidance for research students
  • Promoting effective doctoral supervision and supporting supervisors
  • Coordinating professional development opportunities for early career researchers/ post-doctoral staff

Paul Jones, Research Systems Manager

  • Managing the Department’s underpinning research systems including Pure and Agresso Research Costing and Pricing
  • Leading the development and day to day operations of these systems to address current and future needs, liaising with the user groups, suppliers, IT services, Library Services, Finance and other departments as required
  • Providing training on these systems for new users as required, and develop and maintain user guides. 

Kevin O’Reilly, Awards & Contracts Specialist

  • Drafting and negotiating research related contracts
  • Overseeing the transition of new awards to the finance department
  • Heading up the Operations team within the Research and Knowledge Exchange 

Karina Tveen-Jensen(LHS and AMS)Sharna Crosdale (ABS and LSS) and Angels Odena (EAS), Grants and Contracts Officers

  • Support the Strategic Funding Managers to develop high quality research funding applications.
  • Lead on the post award set up of successful awards and to expedite the set-up of these awards with Research Finance.
  • Provide targeted research administrative support in support of research development. 

Elizabeth Rogers, Marketing and Operations Manager

  • Raising the profile of Aston’s Research and Enterprise activity to a range of audiences including alumni, staff, and the business community;
  • Creating the marketing and communication strategy for the Research and Knowledge Exchange;
  • Working closely with academics to showcase research case studies and articles. 

Sharon Benzing, Operations Coordinator

  • First point of contact for staff/visitors and callers to the Research and Knowledge Exchange.
  • To direct staff/visitors and callers to the most appropriate resources and services within the Research and Enterprise Office/University.
  • To provide administrative support to Research and Knowledge Exchange staff. 

Samera Karim, Marketing Coordinator 

  • Assisting the Marketing and Operations Manager with all day to day marketing activities
  • Developing and managing our social media strategies, helping to manage our channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Creating engaging content, for example, articles, case studies and brochure material that will help to raise our profile

Paula Whitehouse, Centre for Growth Director

  • Implementing the enterprise aspects of the Research and Enterprise Strategy
  • Developing a culture of enterprise and an understanding of the impact of our enterprise activities university-wide
  • Supporting the people and departments at Aston currently delivering enterprise activities to work more coherently together
  • Developing and embedding a clear and unified direction for enterprise activities throughout the University

Carolyn Keenan, BSEEN Project Manager

  • Developing and evaluating the University student and graduate enterprise and entrepreneurship activity
  • Leading on the development and management of the ERDF BSEEN student and graduate start-up project
  • Managing and monitoring the University Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneurship VISA process

  Nadiyah Vasta, Enterprise Co-ordinator

  • Supporting the development of business growth and enterprise activities across all schools. In particular, creating and developing practical solutions to improve communication both internally and externally.
  • Promoting Astons Enterprise and business growth activities to a wide range of audiences.
  • Increasing awareness and understanding of enterprise activities between schools and departments at Aston and facilitating the cross-referral of businesses between different enterprise and business support opportunities.



Funding Organisations   

To view the complete list of Funding Organisations, please sign into Research Professional.

If you need help accessing the funder searches through Research Professional please contact the Grant Officers:

ABS and LSS– Sharna Crosdale
EAS - Angels Odena
LHS and AMS– Karina Tveen-Jensen


  • Call the RKE Helpdesk on 0121-204-4242, Ext 4242


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Research and Knowledge Exchange is located along the Vice-Chancellor's corridor. You will notice signs directing you to REO (RKE), rooms G52 and G53. Access is by staff card swipe, or by ringing the door bell.