International Study Opportunities


Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity that will allow you to spend time studying at a partner institution in another country. 

You can study during Term 3, at a Summer School, during the Autumn Semester

Aston Business School has long-established partnership agreements with numerous business and management schools across the world who offer the same high standards of teaching quality. These agreements provide Aston students with the option to spend some of their study time with one of our partner institutions thus gaining further academic credentials in addition to their Aston degree course.  

This is also an opportunity to experience a new culture, make new connections, enhance your professional profile and most of all grow as an individual: many of the world leading lights were study abroad students once! 

All programmes are tuition-free (except for the double degree): they are based on reciprocal exchange agreements and although you will need to take care of your travel and living expenses, you will not need to pay any tuition fees to the partner institutions (although administrative fees and/or social activities fees may occur). 

All programmes are taught in English. While we would encourage you as much as possible to take advantage of being in a foreign country to learn the language if the opportunity arises, all the programmes we offer were selected because they are taught and assessed entirely in English. 

Periods of Study 

Term 3 / Summer Programme

You will have the option as soon as you have completed the taught part of your course, to study during Term 3 at a partner institution. Students often opt for this term as you will be continuing your studies during the academic year of your Masters.

Several of our academic partners also run International summer schools which provide our students with the opportunity of studying and experiencing an exchange programme for a shortened period of time. The courses usually include an introduction to the business culture of the host country, language tuition and cultural visits. These courses normally last for around 2-4 weeks.

End of Course

You will be able to partake in an exchange once your studies here at Aston have been completed, during the Autumn term of the next academic year. The agreement with our partners will allow you to enroll as a full time exchange student for the fall term. The credits gained with our partner school cannot be credited towards your Aston degree as you should have at least fully completed the taught part of your course by the time you leave for your exchange programme. However, the grades will count towards your Professional Development Programme and you will also obtain an official transcript from the partner institution. 

Important Information 

Academic Aspect

Please note that not all students wishing to take part will be able to. This will depend on your success in completing the taught part of your course at Aston.

Your application will also have to be supported by your Course Director and your dissertation supervisor. Once you have identified the institution you would like to apply for, you will need to make an appointment with your Course Director to obtain their support.


Your participation in the exchange programme will be subject to the progress you have made on your dissertation. We will consult your dissertation supervisor and if we are not confident that you have reached a stage allowing you to be away from Aston for several weeks, you will not be allowed to take part. It is therefore essential that you inform your supervisor as early as possible of your intentions and that you work closely together to achieve your aim.