BSc Business and International Relations, Graduate 2013

I enjoy the blend of skills required for my course in Business and International Relations; the mix of numerical analysis and theoretical analysis. My favorite modules have been Consumer Behaviour (Business) and Intellectuals and Politics (International Relations). I enjoy modules that allow for independent working, where you are able to meet with the lecturer regularly to check up on your progress.

 I feel as though the theoretical concepts and skills I will take away from this course, matched with my placement year experience  will allow me to have a successful career whether it be a self-owned business or as a part of a global organization.

I split my placement year into three work placements. Placement one, was spent in Beijing at CYTS A Travel Agency as a Marketing Intern. Placement two, was spent in New York City at the French Connection Head Office and Showroom Seven as a Marketing and PR Assistant. My final placement was spent in London, at BlackRock as a Business Operations Summer Analyst.The variety of roles I undertook this year, in the various locations; came together perfectly. I was able to transfer the creativity, analytical and communication skills I learnt in the PR and Marketing Industry perfectly into my role as a Business Operations Analyst in the financial industry. I was also exposed to the differences in corporate culture globally, not to mention the amazing opportunity to travel, experience and live in all three locations.

I have definitely benefitted from my placement year, not only have I landed myself a graduate job but I feel this year has been fundamental to my personal development and growth as an individual and young professional.

Jamelia Donaldson

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