Aston Student Chand Jethwa
Name:  Chand Jethwa

Course: BSc Marketing
Placement role:  Learning and Development Consultant
Company:  Jaguar Land Rover

I was a learning and development (L&D) consultant which consisted of multiple roles: increasing the visibility of the learning and development resources to the wider business, enhancing the on-boarding experience of all new starters, auditing, reporting and facilitating training courses (just to name a few!).
There is no such thing as a typical day at JLR! From enjoying the perks of corporate events at posh hotels to sending 100 emails in the office, I experienced JLR at a very important stage of its cycle. Huge sales led to huge production demands which led to huge decisions which led to huge organisational transformations. It was no surprise to find employees in the office as early as 6am or as late as 11pm.  

Just a few…

I was involved in organising a graduate teambuilding week (IMPACT) which involved a trip to Prisili in Wales where graduates were physically and mentally tested through challenges such as hiking, coast steering and surfing (this was carried out during a freezing January).

A national charity raising competition (organised by Wildhearts) was carried out by multiple organisations. The challenge was to raise as much money in a month with an initial loan of £1. I was part of the JLR team which managed to raise over £30,000 in the month and comfortably winning the competition.

My creativity in passion and branding gave me the opportunity to be filmed by launching the all new Jaguar XF. The latest model had not yet been exposed to the wider company and after the film shoot, my advert was broadcasted globally throughout the organisation. 

Previous achievements led to departmental recognition. I was then assigned a new task of script writing corporate speeches for the CEO of JLR (Dr Ralf Speth) to voice out to the wider business. The process of writing scripts was very complex and went through multiple management checks to ensure total accuracy of the entailed message.

HR decided for the first time in JLR history to combine the induction events of postgraduates along with apprentices. This hosted as the largest event organised by JLR to date consisting of over 1000 candidates. The event was held at Ricoh Arena and lasted for a week. It was sad to know that this was my last project that I was involved in before I started my final year of University.   

For starters make sure you go to bed early! Waking up was my biggest challenge of the placement. On a more serious note I would recommend every Aston student to take pride into their roles. Consistency, passion and innovation should be the back bone of your working attitude. I found these three qualities common within all of the senior managers I worked with and therefore consider them very highly.  
My JLR story has been the headline of all of my interviews and has not failed to amuse those that interviewed me. The experiences I picked up during my placement will stay with me forever as I am now in a position where I can branch out into finance, marketing and HR roles. 

Possibly the fact that a lot of my work was based in posh hotels due to the training courses. Hotel staff stereotypically recognised me as a JLR senior and I was treated like royalty with perks such as breakfast, lunch, refreshments throughout the day and VIP parking. It was the lifestyle any student could happily accommodate.