Aston student Nikita Kaur
Name: Nikita Gaur

Course: BSc English Language
Placement role:  Media Officer
Company:  ThinkYoung (Brussels, Belgium)

No day would be the same as there was always a new project to focus on! However, some of the main responsibilities I had involved managing all social media channels, attending conferences, meeting  with journalists, updating the media plan, creating newsletters, infographics, press releases and much more.

Yes, I was involved and also project managed for a while, a project called the Makers Town. This event would bring all European entrepreneurs to Brussels in order to showcase their products and innovative ideas! I was in charge of the marketing and PR for this project and also helped run it for a while. I also managed to work with companies such as Google and Good Year. 

Take up every opportunity presented to you and don’t be scared! Things may seem intimidating but you’re learning and everything you do will help you in the future.

With the amount of contacts made and experience I have gained, I am sure it will help a great deal in finding me the perfect role. At my age not many people have experience, but to say that I have one full year as a manager is something really impressive. 
  • Make the most of your day; don’t just go to work then back home, go for walks and meet new people!
  • Travel as much as you can
  • Try and gain as many contacts as you can, you never know when someone will come in handy
  • Don’t be scared to try something new
  • Take tons and tons of pictures!
  • Be confident about yourself
  • Try new things in order to learn more about yourself, your likes and your dislikes.
  • Always stay professional and positive
  • Believe strongly in your future goals and know that you’ll get there
  • Don’t be afraid of failure, it’s the only way we learn!
Surround yourself with outgoing people who encourage you to make the most of your time. Go to a new city on the weekend or visit a new bar after work! Spend some time with others but also on your own, getting to know yourself more. 

Working with various companies and learning the do’s and don’ts when communicating with brands such as Google. You learn so much about the working world and how different companies like to be treated. I also loved travelling.